APR Energy

APR Energy (“APR”) specializes in offering customized, fast-track power solutions to sovereign utilities and industrial customers, principally in emerging markets.  Market applications include bridging, emergency, expansion, and peaking power solutions.  The Company has OEM relationships with GE and Caterpillar, and offers a unique turnkey approach and delivers urgent electric generation capacity in a variety of circumstances.  APR has installed over 3.0GW of power capacity in more than 25 countries around the globe.  

Albright Capital is the longest standing institutional shareholder of this industry leading, fast track power provider. Since inception, APR has delivered over 3GWs of power to over 30 countries. We have actively supported management in achieving significant growth in revenues from a modest base, including through service on the board, strategic advice at key thresholds, and effectively delivering our global networks for access to new markets

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