“ACM is a continuation of the founders’ commitment to the promotion of economic development, reduction of worldwide poverty, creation of a middle class, and growth of effective democracies.”

- Albright Capital Statement of Values (October 2005).

Since our founding, Albright Capital has invested across emerging markets with the dual purpose of delivering attractive commercial returns to our investors and making a positive impact in the countries where we and our portfolio companies operate. 

Our Chair, Madeleine K. Albright, has devoted her life to global citizenship – i.e., advancing social and economic development, creating a middle class, and promoting effective democracy.  She has always believed that achievement of these objectives is beyond the resources and capacity of governments alone and requires a constructively engaged private sector.  

The Albright Capital team, inclusive of our colleagues at Albright Stonebridge Group, adopts this ethos and believes that consciously seeking to advance living conditions through our investments is both inherently worthwhile and good business.

The markets where we operate are qualitatively different from developed markets and require a different perspective. For one thing, they may present somewhat more political risk. Delivering positive impact to local populations is the single best mitigant to political risk. They also require a realistic assessment of local realities. We weigh and balance a number of factors, which can occasionally be at odds with one another. In this context, our participation is intended to have a strong positive impact. 

Creating Measurable Impact

Albright Capital is a signatory to the IFC’s Operating Principles for Impact Management (IFC Principles). Prior to becoming a signatory, we developed a proprietary impact measurement tool to aid us in understanding the impact of our investments, from the origination/screening phase, across due diligence and portfolio monitoring, to exiting investments.  Our goal is to track over time how we and our portfolio companies contribute to reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Consistent with the IFC Principles, the measurement tool (a) is customized to our flexible mandate and global approach, enabling us to measure impact across the 17 SDGs, and (b) provides an auditable process that can be independently verified. 

We are committed to advancing industrywide discussions on various approaches to impact investing and will make our customized impact measurement toolkit available to those with whom we have an established dialogue.  Those interested in establishing dialogue are welcome to contact us at impact@albrightcapital.com.

Our Impact Milestones

All of the founders of Albright Capital signed a Statement of Values in 2005. The firm became a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and adopted the IFC Performance Standards in 2009.  Since 2016, our portfolio companies in the infrastructure space have participated in the GRESB Infrastructure assessments.  Since 2017, external ESG consultants have conducted qualitative annual reviews of our portfolio companies’ alignment with the SDGs.  Albright Capital became a signatory to the IFC Principles in 2019.

The Albright Capital Statement of Values is available here.

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