Albright Capital actively seeks to identify private markets with the following criteria:

  • Compelling themes and market inefficiencies

  • Resolutions to social and economic problems

  • Gaps in the market that can be filled by proven management teams and established business models

  • Good companies in out of favor jurisdictions or confronting manageable stress

Continuous proprietary research into the macro backdrop of ~15 to 20 countries, supplemented by steady, less frequent research into another ~20 countries, underpins the investment process. ASG’s local and global networks are also available, as needed, based on Albright Capital pipeline developments. ASG’s views are especially valuable since they are unburdened by the Wall Street consensus at any given point in time, and therefore assist the investment team search for actionable out-of-consensus opportunities.

Albright Capital is usually already well informed about the issues in any given jurisdiction and can move quickly when we see an interesting deal. As with all leading private investment firms, our deal leaders have a command of all the details of the given portfolio company and industry. At Albright Capital, however, they are also supported by the full team, who provide a variety of perspectives, including a crucially important macro risk and opportunity overlay.  

We conduct proprietary assessment/independent analysis of all risks, including political and currency risks.  We understand market expectations at any given point in time, and have an ability to price any deal on the efficient frontier based on global comparables.