Given the volatility of the asset class, Albright Capital generally requires a value-based entry price, the single most important risk management variable in all markets, especially emerging markets.   We understand that a disciplined insistence on a value based entry price enables one to capitalize on the prevailing volatility rather than falling victim to it.

Our heavy global deal flow comes from origination networks cultivated over ten plus years.  Our high degree of selectivity is based on a centralized underwriting process and refined EM “pattern recognition” skills, which includes:

  • Pursuing the best opportunities globally, with no burden to invest in any particular geography
  • Supporting our deal leaders, with candid input from the entire ACM/ASG team
  • Assessing local and global variables with a seasoned eye
  • Distilling a wide range of individual perspectives into a full team competitive advantage

Our views of macro risk and opportunity variables are overlaid on a deal-by-deal basis, with independent analysis and effective navigation of emerging market risks and opportunities.